"We over 60" camp

We will arrange the "We over 60" camp as planned 10–15. August within the current Covid-19 regulations. 

Next camp: 10–15. August 2021
Preacher: Arne Øystein Rambekk and Olav Dahl
Music: Arne Øystein and Berit Rambekk, and Toril Torp
Hosts: Berit and Per Arild Weiby

  • Bible lessons: Wednesday - Saturday every morning
  • Evening meetings: Tuesday - Saturday 
  • Social gatherings: Afternoons/after the evening meetings
  • Mission meeting: Friday night

Registration to Solstrand at
TEL: 91618148 or
E-mail: dfef.solstrand@gmail.com


Participation fee1700
Participation fee without food550
Room with shared toilet1530
Room with private toilet1840
Small cabin2700
Large cabin/small apartment3100
New apartments4100